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Mzanzi Youth Choir Release Official Cover Video of Nightbirde’s “It’s Ok”

Written by on November 17, 2021

Mzanzi Youth Choir Release Official Cover Video of Nightbirde’s “It’s Ok”

Source : Mzanzi Youth Choir Release Official Cover Video of Nightbirde’s “It’s Ok” (goodthingsguy.com)

When the Mzanzi Youth Choir first did a cover of Nightbirde’s “It’s Ok”, she called it an honour; now the choir has released an official music video and we have goosebumps!


South Africa (16 November 2021) – The Mzanzi Youth Choir wowed fans when they paid tribute to Nightbirde by performing a rendition of her moving song “It’s Ok”. They recently released an official music video for their rendition and we are in awe of its beauty.

Nightbirde first became a household name in June 2021 when she received an emotional golden buzzer at America’s Got Talent. Nightbirde sang her song, “It’s Ok” and it was an instant hit.

Nightbirde, whose name is Jane Marczewski, has been battling cancer. She was given a 2% chance to live, or in a time frame, around six months and decided to live her life to the fullest. The golden buzzer moment meant that Nightbirde would be sent straight to the live shows.

Before the live shows started, she withdrew from the competition, citing her health and needing to focus on her cancer battle. Her announcement was an emotional one that left judge Simon Cowell in tears when she appeared on the show to share her news.

“It’s OK” has since reached No. 1 on iTunes and No. 2 on YouTube’s trending list. Her performance was one of the most moving moments in the history of a show known for moving moments.

The song has since been covered by South Africa’s Mzanzi Youth Choir. The choir consists of around 50 choristers between the ages of 13 to 24, all from disadvantaged backgrounds but all with outstanding musical ability!

Nightbirde got the opportunity to hear the cover and was moved by the tribute. She took to social media to share the cover with her over 700,000 followers as well as the Good Things Guy article explaining the choir’s journey alongside her own.

“Thank you so much Mzansi Youth Choir in South Africa for the beautiful tribute. I was holding back tears as I listened. How moving, and what an honor!” – Nightbirde

This song is our song of 2021! It taught us that is it ok to be lost and not feel like you are on top of everything. “It’s Ok” speaks to a part inside all of us.

Take a look at the official video below. We may have teared up a little because it is so beautiful, so grab a tissue.