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Story 2

Written by on February 13, 2022

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The Missing Piece”

Our love story is a bit different as we are not so young. I raised 3 beautiful girls as a single father. It was tough but worth it. The years passed by quickly and my daughters grew, moved out and started families of their own, leaving me with no one to talk to. I then moved back to my Mother’s home to help care for her and was not interested in dating anyone as I was focused on building a stronger relationship with God.

One day, GOD spoke to me clearly, saying that there was someone out there for me. I began praying that GOD would send a woman who shared my interests but mostly importantly, loved the LORD completely. In 2017, my daughter introduced me to a lovely lady. I grew to love her due to our shared interests, as she too was a single parent, who cared for her own Mother, and loved the LORD. I believe she is the missing piece to MY puzzle, MY perfect match. And when it comes from God, it is perfect. We might be an older couple, but as the heads and leaders of our troop, we would love to make it official. I love her, she loves me and We both love the Lord.

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