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One in 10 dads battle postpartum depression. This fitness plan bolsters their mental health

Written by on November 10, 2021

One in 10 dads battle postpartum depression. This fitness plan bolsters their mental health

Source: Beautiful News ( https://www.beautifulnews.com/one-10-dads-battle-postpartum-depression-fitness-plan-bolsters-their-mental-health)

As a health and lifestyle coach, Leroy Faure was thriving. But while bringing up his two sons, he found himself battling depression. After seeking professional help, he realised that the role requires a balance of both mental and physical fitness. “When you become a parent, it’s easy to forget about yourself,” Faure says. “To take care of our loved ones, we have to look after ourselves first.” On his journey, he’s created a global community of fathers committed to keeping their bodies and minds in shape.

Faure initially launched The Fit Dad Lifestyle to share exercise and training advice. Then, thousands of men started reaching out to him for help with their mental and emotional health. “What started as an online fitness community has evolved into something that really does encompass fatherhood,” Faure says. Combining everyday motivation with education and support, his platform sheds light on some of the overlooked experiences of men. It’s estimated that one in every 10 fathers struggle with paternal postpartum depression. “Us men, we don’t go through the childbirth process and we don’t go through the nine months of pregnancy,” Faure explains. “There’s a real big disconnect of, ‘What is my role now that we’ve brought this child into the world?’” Amid the overwhelm, he’s provided a lifeline for new and struggling fathers.

Within closed online groups, Faure gives men a private space to open up about their challenges and fears without shame. While breaking down the limitations imposed by outdated ideas of masculinity, he’s guiding thousands of people to channel the pressure of parenting into opportunities for growth. And it’s not only fathers who stand to benefit. “Helping men become comfortable with their feelings makes me feel like we are helping to shape the next generation of children,” Faure says.

Footage by The Fit Dad Lifestyle was used in the creation of this film.

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