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Midvaal Fire Department Praised for Rescuing Cat from Tree

Written by on November 19, 2021

Midvaal Fire Department Praised for Rescuing Cat from Tree

Source : Midvaal Fire Department Praised for Rescuing Cat from Tree (goodthingsguy.com)

It may be super stereotypical but recently the Midvaal Fire and Rescue team rescued a sweet cat from a very high tree and the community is loving it!


Midvaal, South Africa (18 November 2021) – One cat’s day went from a total catastrophe to a meow-vellous one thanks to brave South African firefighters. The Midvaal Fire and Rescue embraced the stereotype of saving cats from trees, by saving a cat from a tree.

Sybil Jansen van Vuuren’s family cat Olly made the adventurous mistake of climbing a really tall tree. The young cat ended up spending the night in the tree while the family searched everywhere. The next morning they spotted Olly up in the tree. He was trying to get down but had been unsuccessful.

The family started to try to get him down but realised it wasn’t possible. Sybil thought about who could possibly help and quickly went to call the local fire department. The Midvaal team arrived in record time and before long, Olly was safely back in the arms of his happy family.

Sybil took to her local community group to thank the team for their efforts. She didn’t expect them to get to her home so quickly.

In South Africa, firefighters are common sight on the frontline of wildfires, building fired or weilding jaws of life but you don’t often hear of them climbing trees for kitties.

We are glad to know these heroes take all rescues to heart and treat every call like an emergency. The team restored Sybil’s faith in her local government and appluded them for supporting such a great fire department.